Guidelines for Authors


1) Submissions of 500-1000 words about a challenging issue within, or impinging upon, higher education are welcome in any of the following formats:

a short position paper

a short TED-style video

a debate-format piece in which two authors articulate opposing viewpoints.

2) Submissions should address a values issue in a rich and complex way that enables readers to better articulate their own views.

3) Submissions should be framed in a way that fosters discussion and debate.

4) Submissions can acknowledge the political impact of a values issue, but they should not explicitly endorse the political views of any one political party or political candidate.

EDITORIAL PROCESS revised 6/2016

  • Submissions will be reviewed by two members of the FEVER editorial board.
  • Notification of acceptance, revise and resubmit, or rejection will be sent via email within approximately 1 month of submission.
  • An author will have 1 month to revise his/her submission.
  • Accepted submissions will appear at the rate of 1 per month on the FEVER website.

What are some topics that a FEVER contribution might address?

* the economic and emotional complexities of the exploitation of the adjunct workforce

* the place of the humanities on the campuses of newer academic institutions

* the role of institutions of higher education in relation to the children of immigrants

* the place of faith-based student groups at institutions of higher education

Any questions about this publication can be sent to Fiona Tolhurst at Submissions to FEVER should be sent to the same address as email attachments.


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